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Aussie Outdoor: Why Choose Our Outdoor Blinds Perth

Are you looking to protect your home or café from the elements, including the sun and the wind? We offer a wide range of stylish outdoor blinds that can be used on patios and windows as an effective barrier. These blinds not only look amazing, but they also help you save significant amounts on energy expenses by making your cooling and heating systems work more efficiently.

Our blinds are a perfect fit for all your external areas like verandahs, balconies, patios and alfresco areas and they come in a wide variety of types, sizes, and colors. We offer high-quality products at a reasonable price that will fit any budget. They are available in various finishes and colors with plenty of options designed to improve any outdoor space.

Enclose Your Alfresco Area, Patio or Verandah with Aussie Outdoor Blinds

Aussie Outdoor blinds in Perth WA will completely or partially enclose a specific outdoor living area to enable you to enjoy the outdoors conveniently without dealing with insects or weather elements. Our products make spending time outdoors much more pleasant for everyone regardless of current weather conditions.

Australian summers can get pretty intense, with the heat and light from the sun making being outside very unpleasant. The outdoor blinds from our Perth outlets can provide you with the much-needed shade that will prevent the skin-damaging UV rays from reaching your body. You will no longer need to take some dark sunglasses and loads of sunscreen to relax outdoors.

Similarly, during the colder months, Aussie outdoor blinds also convert cafes, verandahs, and patios into more comfy places to relax and enjoy with some family and friends. They help to eliminate all the disturbances caused by rain and wind. Additionally, they also help to keep out the pesky unwanted intruders like creepy crawlers and insects.

Our Outdoor Blinds Perth are Made to the Highest Standards

We handle all aspects from the design to the installation. Our clients appreciate that our customised products are ideally suited to their situation, whether it is for a café or an outdoor space at home.

All the outdoor blinds that we install are made using the highest-grade material available to increase their durability and ability to tolerate harsh environment. We are aware that Perth enjoys more sunny days compared to other states, and that those strong UV rays from the sun can quickly destroy inferior blinds. Additionally, there is also the salty sea breezes that can wear out the fittings, support structures and pins holding the blinds together.

At Aussie Outdoors, we work to make sure that our outdoor blinds provide our Perth, WA customers with many years of use. Our outdoor screens will easily tolerate all the weather elements from the sun and the rain to the wind and will continue working efficiently and effectively just like they did after the initial installation. Most importantly, our blinds are assembled without the use of any pulleys or ropes, which minimises the risk of young children getting tangled in the cords.

Aussie Outdoor Blinds: Customised to Fit Your Requirements

When you buy outdoor blinds from Aussie Outdoors, Perth WA, you have numerous options to choose from depending on your needs. Here are some of the highest quality Australian-made fabric options available:

  • Mesh – These blinds offer both protection and shade from the sun while allowing adequate airflow into your café or patio. Mesh blinds work to keep the area well ventilated throughout the day without allowing too much heat and sunlight.
  • Canvas – Canvas blinds are opaque and durable, which means that they can effectively block out all the weather elements. They offer perfect shade for the outdoor space without getting worn down by the rain, UV rays or wind.
  • Acrylic – This is a light fabric that allows a bit of light to pass through the outdoor blinds, thus making it the ideal middle option to choose between canvas and mesh. The primary benefit of acrylic fabric is the fact that you can get it in a wide range of beautiful designs and colors.
  • PVC – Just like with canvas blinds, the blinds made from PVC material are highly durable. They are also easy to maintain and clean and can be installed in both tinted or clear varieties depending on the kind of shade you want.

Our patented and highly efficient lock jaw system ensures that you get the most durable outdoor blind that can withstand winds of more than 90kph. These blinds also come in different sizes and will be custom made to perfectly fit your home or business and add lots of value in the process.

Contact Aussie Outdoor Blinds Perth WA Today

Are you ready to transform your café or home into a trendy and comfortable alfresco area? Call us on now or fill in our easy contact form and we will respond shortly. You can also visit our outdoor blinds Perth outlets listed at the top of this page or call 1300 131 289

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