7 Reasons to Enclose Your Outside Entertaining Areas With Outdoor Blinds

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Do you have a backyard that you barely use? Do you dream of entertaining friends and family in your outdoor space, but worry about deterrents such as the weather or bugs? Do you think that adding an outdoor structure will be costly and unattainable?

Look no further! Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution to your concerns. An outdoor entertaining area is a fantastic addition to any home and allows you to extend your living space at a much lower cost than a traditional extension. Whether you are a fan of alfresco dining or want the opportunity to entertain outdoors, an outer space gives you more options for socialising and relaxation.

If you are looking to enhance and make the most of your outdoor space, consider outdoor blinds! Outdoor blinds give you privacy while you enjoy your backyard and also help make your space more usable and comfortable all year round. 

Read below to learn more about all of the advantages outdoor blinds offer!

1. Protection From The Weather

You cannot predict the weather, but you can beat it by installing outdoor blinds! Depending on where you live, your outdoor deck or space may be unusable for several months of the year. Installing shutters can help you thoroughly enjoy your area by offering protection from the many elements listed below:

  • Wind

The sun may be shining in the sky, but a biting wind can make sitting outside every uncomfortable. Outdoor blinds can protect you from experiencing the full force of the wind while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. Different designs, such as dividable blinds, can block off certain areas and push the wind in different directions. This can give you even more control over how the weather affects your experience.

  • Rain

When rainy days arrive, you may feel trapped indoors and unwilling to venture outside, let alone enjoy your patio or outside deck. With outdoor blinds, you will no longer feel restricted by rainy, dismal weather. On the contrary, you can enjoy the cozy comfort of being enclosed and dry while the pitter-patter of raindrops echo from overhead. Can you imagine anything more relaxing? With outdoor blinds, you can enjoy your outdoor space at any time in any weather and get the maximum value for your money!

  • Cold

Although we often think of entertaining outdoor as a summer occasion, quality outdoor blinds mean that you can entertain all year round, even in the winter! Similarly to blocking out wind and rain, the blinds add an extra layer between you and the elements, keeping you cozy and warm while you enjoy the fresh, outside air. Also, if you are using patio heaters, the blinds will keep the heat within the enclosure, keeping you toasty and comfortable no matter how low the temperature drops. Furthermore, the extra insulation can also warm up the inside of your home, making this a double bonus!

  • Heat

We all love the sun, but there comes a time when there is just too much of it. Outdoor blinds are a perfect way to get the sunscreen protection you need on a hot summer day. Furthermore, unlike a solid, permanent structure, outdoor blinds adapt when you need them – you can close them to keep out the hot sun during the day and open them during the cooler evenings. Outdoor blinds will also keep the interior of your home cool. The shade on the windows will reduce the temperature within the house, making it more comfortable during the heat of the summer. 

  • Dust

Hot, dry weather usually goes hand in hand with an increase in dust in the air. Dust and pollen cause discomfort and irritation for many people and act as a deterrent to going outside. If you or family members have asthma or other respiratory conditions, too much dust can be especially restricting and harm your quality of life. Invest in outdoor blinds so you can protect your family and allow everyone to enjoy the space in comfort.


Maintaining privacy is another popular reason for investing in outdoor blinds. Many of us have drapes or curtains for the windows of our homes, so it makes sense to extend this practice to our outdoor living space.

You may have a backyard in close proximity to a neighbour or busy road. Alternatively, you may have an outdoor area this open and exposed from every angle. Regardless of your situation, outdoor blinds are a good option. They provide you with extra privacy, freeing you from prying eyes or nosey neighbours.

Protection From Insects 

The chance to entertain and share in the great outdoors with family and friends is one of the best things about having a backyard space. Unfortunately, entertaining guests outside can also bring uninvited guests – bugs and insects.

There is nothing worse than trying to relax with a delicious drink, only to find yourself surrounded by mosquitoes desperate for a taste of your blood! How many times have you prepared a fantastic alfresco dinner or barbecue, only to have flies decide to join in the meal? Usually, your options include spraying the area with insect repellent, dousing yourself in bug spray, or moving the event indoors. Outdoor blinds solve the problem by providing a barrier between you and nature, preventing insects from infiltrating and ruining the party. They will allow you to enjoy the space in peace, without fear of any unpleasant invaders!

Protection For Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is essential for making your outdoor space practical and comfortable, but it is subject to a higher level of wear and tear than interior pieces. Your home’s interior protects your furniture from the elements, but outdoor furniture enjoys none of these benefits. The sun can fade furniture; humidity can warp delicate legs; strong wind, rain, or snow can damage and even break outdoor furniture. The elements can wreak so much havoc on your outdoor furniture.  Adding blinds provides a layer of protection, keeping your pieces safe and in good condition all year round. It also means your furniture is ready to use whenever you desire – no need to worry about dusting off seat covers or drying off tables. 


As we have discussed, adding outdoor blinds is often the final step in creating a fantastic outdoor entertaining area. They can be useful for protecting your guests from the elements, insects and nosey onlookers.  You can enjoy meals and company in peace with no concerns about the weather, bug bites, or lack of privacy. Outdoor blinds are also a great way to separate a space. For example, if you are having a garden party or other celebration, you can use screens to divide the area for different purposes such as a children’s area, outdoor bar, or even your very own karaoke space! Incorporating blinds not only gives you more freedom and choice within your backyard, but also allows you to change up the space as needed.

Safe For Young Children

Children need to spend more time outdoors! Playing and exploring outside is a fantastic way for children of all ages to enjoy the fresh air, get exercise, and burn off excess energy. However, in this day and age, it can be dangerous for children to play and roam freely outdoors; parents may not feel comfortable letting their children play unsupervised. Outdoor blinds are an ideal solution. Children can have a contained space to play and explore without parents worrying about them getting lost or kidnapped. With outdoor blinds, parents can set off clear boundaries and provide a safe, private space for their children to enjoy.

Adds Value To Your Home

Adding outdoor blinds does not only benefit your social life, but it can also help by adding value to your home. As the property market changes, more homeowners are looking for creative ways to extend and maximise their living spaces without breaking the bank. Creating an outdoor area is the perfect solution. Potential buyers are looking for versatility and flexibility, and blinds can be a simple yet effective and very affordable method of attracting new buyers. Modern, stylish shades can blend beautifully with your decor, and add a sophisticated finish to your home – the dream of any potential homeowner.  

It may seem like a simple touch but adding outdoor blinds can have a significant impact on improving the quality of your outdoor space. Why restrict yourself to the rooms inside your house, when you can take the party outside and make the most of the glorious outdoors?

Outdoor blinds give you freedom from intrusive insects, privacy from peeping toms, and protection from the wrath of the elements all while improving your social space and adding value to your home. Investing in stylish outdoor blinds may seem like a small change, but it can have lasting and positive impacts on your life and property.