Interlock Heavy Duty Zipless Blind Warranty

Interlock Warranty

5 Years up to 50 knot winds (ie strong weather or storm warning)

Our warranty starts after the blinds have been installed and paid for in full for a period of 5 years on components and workmanship (excluding outside foreign products see below) up to and within 50 knot winds. We expect to honour and deliver no less than the terms and conditions of the Australian Trade Practises Act.

Foreign products coverage and warranty

  • Endurance Mesh by Phifer, 10 years
  • 240 volt motors by Alpha, 7 years
  • U-PVC by Achillies, 1 year

All non-residential is considered commercial only and has 12 months on all products and services.

Warranty Claims

Contact the franchise or agent that supplied the goods.  If you are unsure, you can contact 1300 131 289 for further clarification.  The information of your supplier can also be found on your invoice.   

Warranty claims must be made as soon as the discovery of a defect and within the warranty period. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of payment and the original purchaser invoice. 

Please note: Your warranty is with the actual franchise/agent company being identified by the ABN (Australian Business Number) not by other franchises/agents using the Aussie Outdoor brand. 

Exclusions of this Warranty 

If the blinds have been dismantled or returned with clear evidence of abuse or other damage. (including storm conditions). 

Use of oil based and chemical sprays.

Aussie Outdoor is not able to guarantee exact colour matches should a supplier decide to change or discontinue supply of a colour.  A closest alterative will be offered of no lessor quality.

Maintenance and Aftercare

We suggest surfaces be kept clean by prompt removal of dust, grime and any foreign matter using clean water and a small amount of mild detergent. Do not under any circumstances use any abrasive type cleaning agent (Ajax or similar) or cleaning material (such as steel wool) as it will damage the coated surfaces. Thoroughly wash off any detergent residue with clean water. Regular cleaning will keep your blinds looking like new.

No Extension to Warranty Period

Repairs carried out, or replacement components provided, under this warranty, do not extend the initial warranty period.