Alfresco Classic Blinds

All our blinds are proudly Australian Made

Alfresco Classic

Are you looking for a way to create a stylish outdoor living space, sheltered from the elements? 

With your new Alfresco Classic Blinds, you will be celebrating with family and friends in no time. 

They are the perfect complement to your home’s decor and easily added to your existing outdoor structure, such as a patio or gazebo. 

Made to order, blinds are available in two types of material, PVC in clear or tint and Aussie Endurance Shade in a range of colours. 

If your house is prone to high winds, you will love the Alfresco Classic Blinds. They are the strongest of its kind on the market, withstanding winds of up to 50 knots. 

This strength and durability is achieved using an exclusive lock jaw rail system, which is only available through Aussie Outdoor

Once installed, you will be protected from wind, rain, glare, heat, cold, mosquitoes and other pesky insects, with the added benefit of privacy. 

Not only are Alfresco Classic Blinds easy to maintain and operate, they add ambience to your outdoor area, which you can enjoy all year around. 

Product Benefits

Weather Reduction
UV Protection
Coastal Approved
Energy Saving
Commercial Use

Alfresco Classic Blinds Features:

  • Most effective and affordable
  • Available in Aussie Endurance Shade or U-PVC
  • Custom made to fit most shapes
  • Exclusive Lock Jaw locking system
  • Heavy duty marine grade material and components
  • Guaranteed up to 50 knots wind
  • Low maintenance
  • Australian Made
  • Locally made and manufactured
  • 5 year Warranty


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